Visa Medical Checkup

A medical checkup is a comprehensive process that looks into an individual’s overall health to determine whether the individual is fully healthy. These checkups are essential for individuals who are migrating to another country for temporarily or permanently. At Global Health, we are fully equipped to perform Visa health checkup exams.

Our Process

In order to get a complete health checkup for Visa purposes, you will first have to book an appointment with us.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will be asked to bring along the following items:

  • A valid passport or other documents for identification purposes
  • Your medical history (past medical records)
  • Photographs
  • Prescription Eyeglasses
  • Prescription medication

The examination will take about an hour. After the checkup, your results will be delivered to you or the consulate of the relevant country.

Why the complete medical exam?

A medical exam is an important part of any Visa process. It may not be required for every individual, but if it is required, you need to ensure that you have the complete medical records and current medical exam with updated reports to show the consulate.

Our experts understand what is required at the consulate for medical checkups. We will help you get the right medical documents needed for the Visa processing. Our process is meticulous and carefully designed to ensure that you have the right documents for your Visa processing.

Why choose us?

Medical checkup for Visa purposes should be done with proper care.  Our medical specialists and consultants have more than a decade of experience in medical that equips them to handle this process with dedication and mastery.

Call us today to learn more about our services in the field or book a consultation to get an appointment today.