General Physician

General Physicians are trained specialists who offer non-surgical medical services to adult patients. They care for medical issues that are serious, difficult, and unusual in nature. Generally, a general’s physician’s job is to make sure that the patient has proper care until he is fully recovered.

General physicians see patients that are hospitalized and give consultation to other patients who make consultation appointments.

General physicians are different from specialists as they are trained to diagnose and treat myriad types of healthcare issues as compared to specialists who only specialize in a particular medical issue.

Our Services

Our services in this area include but are not limited to:

Complex medical care: our physicians are trained and experienced in all types of medical issues that allow them to diagnose and treat illnesses with a broad range of expertise. If you don’t understand what kind of a medical situation you are going through, our general physicians can give you a comprehensive exam to understand the problem and then find a medical solution that suits it the best.

Procedures: General physicians carry out myriad medical procedures for complex illnesses including surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Diagnosis: General physicians have special training in the usefulness, limitations, and costs of most diagnostic tests. General physicians use diagnostic tests logically, safely and effectively to investigate difficult diagnostic problems.

Treatment: General physicians proficiently conduct a critical analysis of medical research reports and drugs that could be used for various treatments. The general physician usually is well-trained in making complex treatment decisions to make sure the patients recover quickly from serious illnesses.

Pre- and Post-operative care: General physicians usually review patients before a surgical procedure. They work with surgeons to reduce the risk status and suggest appropriate management to control operation risk and pain. They also play a key role in helping specialist take care of patients after the medical procedures.

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Dr. Fatima Haroon

Dr. Absa Salim

Dr. Nazia Naz

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At Global Health, we have more than a decade of experience in helping patients find the best possible healthcare services to maintain the health of their families without worrying about the quality of the services. We understand your family’s healthcare needs and continue to offer services that are in line with the needs. Contact us to learn more about our services in this area or book an appointment with one of our physicians to get a complete medical checkup.