Dental aligners are corrective dental devices that are designed to help individuals gain a perfectly well-aligned smile that eliminates the self-esteem issues and help create a better outlook. At Global Health, we are committed to helping you find the smile that you always wanted. Let our orthodontists help you find the right treatment for your dental misalignment.

Our Process

The treatment includes X-rays and teeth impressions in order to create dental aligners that perfectly adjust on the patient’s teeth surface. Our orthodontist finishes a composed assessment that incorporates analysis and treatment plan. Dental impressions are then taken keeping in mind the end goal to make a computerized 3D impression of the teeth. After the aligners are prepared, the orthodontist will test them for a perfect fit and if there is any room for adjustments he will send them for a re-design.

The aligners are expected to be worn an ideal 22 hours every day for two weeks. Overall, the treatment can take about 15 months to show the desired results. After the prescribed period, the orthodontist will check the teeth adjustment, if satisfied you would be advised to keep wearing them for an additional period until the teeth adjustment is permanent. In a scenario where adjustment isn’t completed, you would be advised to wear them day and night for a few more months until the adjustment takes place.

Why choose us

We have substantial experience in orthodontic treatments, which equips us to handle complex cases as well as simple cases to ensure that you get the smile you always dreamt of. Our dental specialists will make sure to analyze your current dental needs and advise a solution accordingly.